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Since 1985, the company Michèle Lemaire has relied on the complementarity between tradition and innovation. This allows us to propose to you unique techniques of ennoblement and transformation of textile materials. These techniques include the thermoforming of textiles, the embroidery and quilting of textile materials. These are skills that are both unique and also complementary.

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Michèle Lemaire

A strong heritage in the textile domain

The company Michèle Lemaire draws its origins in the « Cambresis » region, in « Les Hauts –de-France ». This region is recognised for it’s great era in textiles. Indeed, in the 1950’s, the « Nord –Pas-De-Calais » was considered as the factory of France, due amongst others for it’s factories working in the domain of textiles.

Since its creation in 1985 our company has relied heavily on this rich heritage to develop it’s techniques for the ennoblement, embellishment and transformation of textile materials. This heritage translates as far as the name of the company, a tribute to the mother of our present general manager.


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The innovative processes of production

In addition to this historic heritage, we are always continually striving to be alert to the evolutions of our domain. It is for this reason that we can today propose innovative techniques of production. Today, we are proud to have been able to take the necessary changes in direction to reply to your current needs.

In order to achieve the unique and durable products, we have established a second factory in France perfectly equipped. Due to the new cutting-edge technology, completing our historic skills, we have a production force adapted to the least of your desires.

This alliance between heritage and innovation has enabled us to receive numerous distinctions most notably an « Oscar International du Textile dans la catégorie Fibres et Matières ».

Innovative textile production
Unique textile expertise

Michèle Lemaire

A unique skill

At Michèle Lemaire, we offer you at the same time our services of embroidery, of quilting of textile materials and the thermoforming of textiles. This last technique remains underutilised by the professionals of our sector of activity. Nevertheless, it is the answer to numerous needs and desires of our customers.

The original character of this technique allows us, today, to collaborate with the great names of the « haute couture », of the interior decoration and the industrial sector. These partnerships have been the occasion to conceive the achievements, at the time original, ingenious and sometimes audacious.

Today we are ready to rise to any of your challenges.

You want us to discuss your projects and needs ? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can conceive together products, made to measure, pushing back all limits.

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