Thermoforming textile industry

Thermoforming has always had a very important place in industry. Indeed, the process of transforming textile materials and of course other matter, has allowed a solution to be found for numerous issues. Thanks to the action of the heat, it is possible to change the form of a textile material with the help of a mould. This process may be used in numerous sectors such as that of medical, aeronautics and automobile.

Thermoformage industriel - Transformation tissus 3D
Moulage thermoformage pièce industrielle

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How to fabricate a thermoformed article ?

The textile thermoforming is a production technique in three stages. In the first stage, it is necessary to heat the textile material, to make it malleable. Then a mould must be used (which we can fabricate at Michèle Lemaire) to give the desired form to the textile material.

The article that has been thermoformed is then cooled using compressed air. Air must also be injected between the mould and the article which has just been formed to enable it to be taken out of its mould. The time necessary to accomplish these stages depends more or less on the required result or the volume of the fabricated article.


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The thermoforming of textiles in the industrial domain

The thermoforming is a procedure more and more in demand by the companies in the industrial domain. Whatever the sector, it is sometimes necessary to fabricate articles on a made to measure basis. Also, the thermoforming of textile material allows us to respond to the constraints of the professionals of the industry automobile, sector medical, the aeronautics industry or even for isolation.

In the activities of these domains and sectors, the thermoforming offers a remarkable asset : it allows the textile material to keep it’s characteristics intact. For example if you use a waterproof textile material, the seams are where it’s resistance is weakened. In the thermoforming of textile material it is possible to form and shape without any seams.

Moulage textile industrie
Fabrication textile 3D moule France

Michèle Lemaire

The advantages of thermoforming textile material

One of the principal advantages of thermoforming is that it is possible to launch the production rapidly compared to numerous other processes. Indeed, the conception of the equipment and tools is much more simple. Thereby, this allows us to facilitate the fabrication of one article in more or less large series.

The thermoforming is a process very efficient and durable. If you wish to conceive articles of high quality, you must propose to your customers materials resistant and durable in time. Thanks to thermoforming, your textile material stays intact over the years even in cases of intensive use.

To close, the thermoforming textile material allows the technical limits that you will have to face, to be reduced. Indeed, at Michèle Lemaire, we treat each request on a case-by-case basis. According to your needs, we can achieve a mould made to measure. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we may study together the feasibility of your project.

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