At Michèle Lemaire we have developed since 1985 numerous techniques for the transformation of textile material. Amongst these we find the quilting of textile material. This technique is very commonly used in order to fabricate seat covers or wall ornaments. The quilting is particularly appreciated by the professionals of interior decoration and the hotel industry.

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What is quilting ?

The quilting is a procedure that consists of stuffing a textile product, such as a seat or a cushion for example. This technique requires that several layers of textile material are superimposed, then held together by stitches or buttons. Then it suffices to insert a thickness of a material (wadding or polyurethane etc) between two pieces of textile material.

The different layers of textile material can be fixed either by stitching, or by buttons, both of which form a decorative pattern on the article. This technique allows a depth and form to the article in order to achieve more comfort or as with a cushion more volume.


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The different types of quilting

There exist different types of quilting such as the original old quilting, the « capitonnage », the « boutis » and the « trapunto ». Even if these different techniques present certain similarities, the differences in terms of aestheticism are remarkable.

Generally we separate into two large types or families of quilting. The first consists of assembling three layers of textile material, to create designs by using overstitching. The second family consists of drawing the outlines of a pattern on two superimposed canvases. It only remains to stuff certain parts between the two canvases.

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Uses of quilting

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What are the uses of quilting

At Michèle Lemaire, we collaborate with the professionals of numerous different sectors of activity. We supply both the great names of the « haute couture » and of interior decoration but also the more technical sectors, such as aeronautical or automobile.

The quilting is especially appreciated for seat coverings. Our skill in thermoforming joined together with our techniques of quilting, allows us to propose, to you, solutions for seat coverings of very high quality. We can also reply to your decorative needs such as wall coverings or bedheads.

You wish to know more about our skills in transforming textile material ? Discover our expertise in thermoforming of textile materials as well as our embroidery techniques.

You wish to discover some of our previous achievements. Meet us at our photo-gallery ! You can find many different examples of our textile products achieved at the request of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we may study together the feasibility of your project in transforming textile materials.

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