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At Michèle Lemaire, our skill is what we pride ourselves the most for, after of course the satisfaction this procures for our customers. Since our creation in 1985, we seek actively the methods the most efficient in order to embellish your textile products. By relying on the strength of our heritage, we have developed skills unique to meet your requirements.

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Unique textile skills
Enobling transformation textiles

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The enobling and transformation of textiles

The enobling and transformation of textiles are the domains extremely demanding joining together creativity and innovation. A halfway point between traditional and new technologies, our skill relies on an extremely strong heritage in the textile industry. You can discover more concerning our history on our page, who are we ?

At the heart of our factory in Deux-Sevres (Dept79) ,we have at our disposal innovative equipment allowing us to reply to your slightest requirements. We can also propose for you the solutions, made to measure, adapted to your constraints both technical and budgetary.

Who are we ?

Michèle Lemaire

The thermoforming of textiles, a unique skill

You are a professional of the « haute couture » or of the interior decoration ? Your customers are looking for products of high quality in both technical and aesthetic aspects. Thanks to the thermoforming of textile material, you can create original and durable articles. It is why, since several years, we are working with the great names of fashion and interior decoration by proposing to them solutions made to measure.

You work in the industrial sectors such as aeronautics, automobile or medical. The textile thermoforming allows equally to reply to your technical constraints and to your risks. Indeed, you can retain the characteristics of your textile material intact by forming them without any sewing.

Our skills in thermoforming of textiles
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Quilting material 3D

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The quilting and material in 3D

Whether it is for wall coverings, seats or even clothing, the quilting and fabrication of 3D textile materials are skills much in demand. At Michèle Lemaire we have offered this service for many years. This allows us to give the material depth by inserting a layer of padding or of polyurethane between two pieces of material.

Our particular speciality, at Michèle Lemaire, is that we do not have any articles shown in a catalogue. Each of our achievements is designed at the request of the client. For this, we fabricate the moulds made to measure in order to reply to your desires. It is therefore possible to quilt a textile material to give it form or the pattern that you wished for.

Our quilting solutions

Michèle Lemaire

Our skills in embroidery

In order to propose a complete service to you, we have been developing at the same time our skills in embroidery for more than 30 years. The embroidery is a production technique in textile ancestral. It is particularly appreciated for its strength and durability. Indeed, it is a timeless and luxurious art.

If you wish to apply a design onto textile material then embroidery will probably be the solution that is the most resistant. Indeed, it remains intact over many years despite repeated use and washing. You will then combine technical quality with long lasting elegance.

Benefit from our skills in embroidery
Emboidery textile professional skills

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The achievements are unique and tailor made

At Michèle Lemaire, we work with professionals who have unique requirements. We owe it to ourselves to propose solutions, made to measure, to each of them. It is for that reason we start each new collaboration by a study of the feasibility of their project.

Then we are able to fabricate the moulds, made to measure, for the requests to transform textile material. We can also count on the complementarity of our skills to offer you a complete service. If you wish to achieve original and very high quality products, we are ready to accompany you on this venture.

Discover certain of our previous achievements in our picture gallery, these are unique and designed at the request of our client.

Our achievements