Thermoforming textiles haute couture and interior decoration

The « haute couture » has always been a world in constant evolution. Relying on a rich heritage, the creators re-invent themselves each year. Thanks to innovative production techniques such as thermoforming for textile material, the world of fashion can offer new and interesting trends. In the sector of interior decoration, the thermoforming of textile material inspires the craftsmen in their creations always striving to be more innovative and lasting.

Thermoforming textile haute couture decoration
Thermoforming textile achievement corset

Michèle Lemaire

What is the thermoforming of textiles ?

The thermoforming of textile materials is a technique which consists of working with matter like textile material under a strong heat. This heat allows the textile material to be shaped using a mould to produce the desired form. Subsequently cooling of the textile material allows the recuperation of a form solid and resistant.

At Michèle Lemaire we have been developing our skills in thermoforming since 1985. It is a technique little exploited by the textile processing industry but nevertheless there is a large demand by the professionals of the « haute couture » and of the interieur decoration.

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Thermoforming in the domain of « haute couture »

In the world of « haute couture » each creator seeks to change the trends with new techniques. To dare is imperative to establish one’s name. To re-invent their means of production appears as an advance surprising and seductive. This allows unique pieces to be created whilst still meeting the requirements of the final customer.

At Michèle Lemaire, we have specialised in thermoforming textile material for more than 30 years. We work with the great names of fashion, to design clothing without sewing. Indeed, the thermoforming allows us to apply the shape and form required to a textile material thanks to a mould. It is therefore possible to give any appearance to textile material with facility and remarkable quality.

Our technology will allow you to stand out in an environment in constant evolution. The moulds we use give incredible possibilities for the world of « haute couture ». Together we can design the moulds made to measure at the discretion of your imagination.

Thermoforming textile 3D creations
Thermoforming textile mural decoration

Michèle Lemaire

Thermoforming at the service of interieur decoration

The textile thermoforming is equally in much demand in the domain of interior decoration. Indeed at Michèle Lemaire, we have the luck to work with the great names in interior decoration as well as the hotel industry. Our unique creations are used principally to decorate places of high standing, such as certain renowned hotels.

Our achievements in thermoforming allows assurance of the durability and unique character of your designs. As professionals of interior decoration, you can reply to original and demanding requests. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study together the feasibility of your project.

Michèle Lemaire

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Would you like to know more about our services in thermoforming textile material? Do not wait any longer and consult the catalogue of our previous achievements. Each of the creations has been carried out on demand in function of the clients own specific needs.

Discover as well our various services of transformation of textile material such as Quilting or embroidery. Thanks to our complete range of skills, we can reply to all of your requests for textile material 3D, seats, wall coverings or « haute couture » fashion clothing.

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