Situated in the Calais region of northern France, Michèle Lemaire relies on a strong heritage in the textile domain, and especially that of the embroidery. The embroidery allows us today to embellish numerous textile materials with unique illustrations. It brings also an aesthetic aspect original and a very high-end range quality to you interior decoration or wardrobe.

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What is embroidery?

The embroidery is an ancestral technique, which consists of sewing onto textile materials a design either flat or in relief, originally done by hand. Minutely crafted, the embroidery offers unbeatable visual quality, and a resistance over the years. This technique can be used on numerous supports such as clothing and decorative articles.

The embroidery can propose a large choice of visual creations. At Michèle Lemaire we have developed embroidery techniques ranging between traditional and innovative. Our embroidery can be applied to numerous materials and offer a very large panel of creations. It is even possible, thanks to our teams skills, to embroider technical materials such as electric wire or fibre optic cable.


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The advantages of embroidery

The quality and the aesthetic aspect are the values extremely important to you? We understand perfectly. It is why we propose to you the techniques of embroidery at the same time resistant and also elegant. The embroidery allow as well as personalisation custom made of your pieces of textile material.

Moreover, the embroidery is known to benefit from a real resistance to washing and an incomparable lifespan. If it is embroidery of real quality, you can almost consider it as being indestructible. We recommend particularly this technique for textile products destined for intensive use such as sports clothing or for outdoor activities.

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Embroidery in fashion

The embroidery has always occupied an important place in the domains of fashion and of interior decoration. In these environments of artistic creation, the embroidery is appreciated because it allows the creation of luxurious and timeless rendering. That is why we offer them embroidery techniques sustainable and in tune with the times.

For the technical activity sectors, we also offer innovation services. We are able to embroider electrical wires and even fibre optic cable. This technical application allows us to respond to particularly demanding requests.

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